Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The other Carlsberg lager

I used to be fond of Carlsberg lager. The Danish brew was one of my favourite "pilsners" whenever I wanted a beer. However, that was then. These days I prefer other beers, and the rich flavours of some of the Czech lagers I have been drinking lately makes Carlsberg's ordinary lager an inferior product when comparing them.

Carlsberg is not the only brand name used by the Danish brewery giant. They also use the brand name Jacobsen for some products, and last week I found another Jacobsen beer in the shelves of a local supermarket. This time it was the Jacobsen Extra, which is one of several beers in a series brewed at Carlsberg's micro brewery.

In the glass this is a pale lager with little carbonation and a medium sized head. The nose is interesting with hints of malts and flowers. The first taste is somewhat watery, but then malts and grapefruit take over. The grapefruit stays there through the aftertaste, and leads out with an excellence not found in the ordinary Carlsberg lager. This is a much better lager beer!

I am going to Denmark later this year, and I will be looking for more of the Jacobsen products. There is no doubt after tasting Jacobsen Extra that Carlsberg knows how to make beer. Good beer, actually!

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