Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back to U Slovanské Lípy

I have been to Prague again, and as always for me a visit to the U Slovanské Lípy pub is a must. This time I went to the Žížkov hospoda around noon. My plan was to sit down and drink myself through all the various beers offered from the Kout na Šumave brewery.

Readers of this blog knows that I am a big fan of Kout na Šumave's beers, and I even made the 12° golden lager my favourite pale lager of 2009. I knew I was in for a treat as I sat down in the taproom. It was therefore a big disappointment to find only one available beer, the 10° golden lager. There were no dark lagers and also no unfiltered versions of the beers. At my earlier visits they have always had at least three different beers.

The taproom was almost empty. In addition to me there were three guests sharing one table. The waitresses that have been at U Slovanské Lípy earlier were gone, and this time a man was serving the table. He gave me a half litre glass of the available beer, and once again I could enjoy an extremely tasty golden lager.

From the Kout na Šumave 10° golden lager I felt grains and some fruit in the nose. As usual it was served with a medium sized head and nearly no carbonation. The beer is really refreshing with a hint of apples, and it is well worth for a Prague traveller going to Žížkov to try this excellent lager.

I will of course return to U Slovanské Lípy, and next time I hope there are more Kout na Šumave beers available.

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