Monday, March 22, 2010

Bridge beer

Prague has several brewpubs, and I have visited some of them. One of the brewpubs was found more or less by mistake. I had an appointment at U Medvidku, and on my way there I was walking near the Charles bridge on the eastern bank of the river Moldau. I walked past the Duende restaurant, which is recommended for its Bernard beer in Evan Rail's excellent book Good Beer Guide to Prague and the Czech Republic. I had time for a beer, but decided to keep on walking towards U Medvidku. On my way I went into Betlémská street, and on my left hand side I found the Pražský most u Valšu restaurant. The restaurant is, by the way, not mentioned in Rail's book.

Outside the restaurant I could see on a sign that this place also had its own brewery. I had time for a beer, so I went inside and sat down at a table. A smiling waitress was there at once giving me a menu. I declined and asked for their pale lager. After a minute or so the waitress was back, and this time with a mug of beer.

In the glass the beer was nearly copper coloured, but also a little bit unclear. It had a large head, and there was nearly no visible carbonation. There was nearly no aromas from the beer, but I felt some malt. In the mouth the malt was back together with some lemon. In the aftertaste there was a hint of melon. An OK beer, but it lacks some the richness found in lager beers from brewpubs like U Medvidku in Prague or Pegas in Brno.

There was not time for more beers at Pražský most u Valšu, and I went out into the streets to find U Medvidku. But I will return, as there were also other beers on the restaurant's menu.

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