Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Czech brewpub

The Nusle neighbourhood in Prague is not where most tourists end up visiting, but for a beer interested person Nusle is a must. There are several bars there serving excellent Czech beers not neccessarily found elsewhere in Prague.

One such place is Bašta near the Nusle town hall. I jumped on tram number 18 to the stop Nuselská radnice. Down the street, next to the U Bansethu hospoda you can find Bašta.

Bašta is a restaurant, but more interestingly it is also a brewpub with several different beers available from tap. The evening I was there, three beers were available.

As I was planning to visit more places in the neighbourhood, I decided to taste only one kind of beer: The pale lager. It was nearly coppery in colour, had a large head and no carbonation. In the nose there was some fruitiness, and the nice fruit notes were also present in the mouth with hints of malt. This was a delicious beer, and I just had to take another.

The waitresses were nice and friendly, and I enjoyed being at Bašta. But I need to go back there to try the lager once again and also get a taste of Bašta's other beers.

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