Sunday, March 28, 2010

No more U Slovanské Lípy

Earlier this month I had another visit to one of my favourite pubs in Prague. U Slovanské Lípy was different, as it had excellent beers from the Kout na Šumavě brewery. It was the first pub in Prague to offer these beers on a regular basis, and I also enjoyed being there as the service was very good. According to Pivní Filosof, who introduced me to U Slovanské Lípy, the pub has closed down for good. That is a shame, as I liked both the pub and especially the beers.

As a tourist to Prague, there are still possibilities to find beer from Kout na Šumavě. The restaurant in the Dancing House sells Kout na Šumavě's golden lager, but at a much higher price than U Slovanské Lípy.

I will miss U Slovanské Lípy when I go to Prague, but I hope that I will still be able to drink beers from the Kout na Šumavě brewery the next time I visit the Czech capital.


  1. That is tragic, I hope the absence of my custom isn't a reason!!

  2. I agree with you. It is tragic that U Slovanské Lípy has been closed down.

    I propose a toast to the people working there, the people drinking there and of course the Kout na Šumavě brewery.

  3. What a shame. I discovered u Slovanské Lípy quite recently, but one thing that I did discover was that the place never had more than an handful of visitors. So I guess we shouldn't be too surprised.

    Well, this means that I will try to get to Klatovy next time in CR. Modré Abby serves a terrific 10° kvasnicové from Kout Na Sumave. The Dancing House is all right, great to look at anyway, but not really my kind of pivnice...

  4. I hear rumours about this place reopening. Anybody has any information?

  5. There are some good news to be told about U Slovanské Lípy. According to Pivní Filosof the hospoda has just reopened with new owners. Read more at Pivní Filosof's blog:

    Good news, indeed!