Monday, May 16, 2011

Bottled Kinn

The little Kinn brewery from Florø in western Norway is brewing several interesting beers at the moment. Kinn's beers can be found on tap in a few selected pubs in Norway, while beer bottles are available at better stocked pubs. Until lately shops selling beers from Kinn were very scarce, and a visitor to Norway would usually not find any Kinn beers. That has changed as of May 2011. Now some Vinmonopolet outlets sell three of Kinn's beers. These three beers are called Bøvelen, Slåtteøl and Vestkyst. The three beers can also be ordered through any Vinmonopolet shop.

I bought two of the Kinn beers, and started trying Slåtteøl. Like all Kinn beers, Slåtteøl is sold in a nostalgic 0.75 litre bottle. The beer is expensive, and a bottle costs nearly 100 NOK, which is about 11 GBP. According to the label, Slåtteøl is inspred by Belgian farm beers. In the glass this is a cloudy beer with much carbonation and a very large head. In the nose there is fruit and yeast. The taste is dominated by an assorted fruit salad with some grains before a bitter finish. The beer is very nice, and I feel it is a fine effort from Kinn.

Kinn Vestkyst is a beer I have tried several times as a draught beer. Vestkyst is a copper coloured IPA with some carbonation and a large head. In the nose there is grapefruit and some pears. In the mouth grapefruit dominate with some apples and lemons before a partly bitter finish. This is a delicious IPA, and it is one I can recommend.

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