Thursday, May 12, 2011

More Austrian lagers

Pale lagers in bottles, cans and from tap are the norm in Austria. Sure, other beer styles are available, but pale lagers called helles, pils and märzen seem to be the most popular beers.

Kapsreiter brewery is based in Schärding am Inn. The Kapsreiter Landbier has one of those nice retro swing top bottles. In the glass this is another average pale lager with some carbonation and a little head. The nose is malty, and the taste is very sweet with a touch of malts before a finish with a touch of vodka. This was not my favourite beer, and it was way too sweet.

Wieselburger Gold is a pale lager with some carbonation and a medium sized head. There is nearly no aroma from this beer. In the mouth I feel malts, sweetness and a watery finish. This is another boring lager from the Austrian brewery, which also sells beer under the Kaiser label.


  1. More posts from Austria are coming up, but first there will be some updates from Norway. Stay tuned!

  2. More reviews from Austria are coming up. In a few days you can read posts about my visits to various brewpubs in Vienna.