Thursday, June 23, 2011

A large one

One of the more known Czech beer brands is the Heineken owned Březňák. These days the Březňák brewery is among the Czech breweries selling beers in large PET bottles. I found a Březňák 2 litre PET bottle, and of course it was checked out.

Velky Březňák is two litres of Březňák's světlé výčepní in a large plastic bottle. The beer has 4.1% alcohol and is a pale lager. In the glass there is nearly no carbonation nor head. In the nose I feel some grains, while in the mouth there is malts, bread and some butter. The finish is watery with some hops and a touch of toffee.

This effort from Březňák is a fine lager beer that is very suitable as a session beer. In all this is a decent beer.

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