Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Copenhagen stopover

There was time for at least one beer during my stopover at Copenhagen airport. As I went from one part of the airport to another, I saw that Eyecon bar in terminal 2 had Jacobsen draught beer. Jacobsen is Carlsberg's socalled craft beer label with several interesting beers. As I sat down on a bar stool I saw that Jacobsen Brown Ale was on offer from tap. As I had never tried that beer before, I ordered half a litre of it.

In the glass this was a nearly black beer with barely any carbonation nor head. In the nose I felt burnt malts and some caramel. The beer tasted of caramel, some sweetness and roasted nuts. The finish had hints of toffee and cold coffee. This was a very nice brown ale!

There was time for another beer, so I picked up my luggage and went on to see if there was another draught beer for me in the area. None of the Tuborg lagers available at Eyecon tempted me at that moment.

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