Monday, July 16, 2012

Pay what you want!

I am not sure about the business model behind Big Lebowski in Prague. Why? This bar in Slavikova street chooses to let the costumer pay whatever he or she wants for drinks. So in theory, you can have a glass of beer for 10 CZK or 100 CZK. Perhaps it is a good thing for the owner, as most people will probably pay a bit more than they usually do at other pubs. It is a moral issue, I believe. Myself, I chose to pay 40 CZK for a half litre of their house draught beer, Rohozek Skalak.

Rohozec Skalak was a pale lager with a medium sized head and hardly any carbonation. In the nose I felt malts and sweetness. The taste was balanced with some sweetness and apples agains a semi bitter hoppiness. A nice lager, by all means.

Big Lebowski is more than a bar. It tries to make itself a kind of home outside your own house. The interior looks more like a living room than a bar. I enjoyed that, and I felt the other visitors that night did the same. Big Lebowski is a great place for meeting people, and it has a special athmosphere as well.

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