Thursday, December 30, 2010

Disappointment at Pivovarský Klub

Being in Prague, I took the metro to Florenc. Not far from the metro station, in Křižiková street, one of the more interesting restaurants in Prague is found. Pivovarský Klub specializes in beers, and in addition to a fantastic selection of bottled beers there are always six different brews on tap.

I liked Pivovarský Klub a lot on my first visits earlier this year. The house beer, Štěpán Světlý Ležák, was unfortunately only available once. Therefore I was happy to see draughted Štěpán back on the beer menu this time around.

But I was very disappointed while tasting the beer this time around. There were little aromas and little taste from Štěpán. In all it was an extremely boring beer, and it was nothing like the tasty beer I had earlier in the year. Talking to expats living in Prague, I have heard that Štěpán is a hit or miss-beer at the moment. Sometimes it is bad, but at other times it is an excellent golden lager.

There was not time for more than one beer at this visit, but I will be back giving Štěpán another chance.


  1. I enjoyed Stepan when I was in Prague, though I generally drank it only when there was nothing that piqued my interest. However, I have heard through my various contacts back in Prague that PK is not as good as a couple of years ago - that they have been overtaken by several places, including Zly Casy, when it comes to offering an interesting range of beers. Hopefully Mrs V and I will be in Prague at some point this year and find out for ourselves.

  2. Yep, Zly Casy has them beat. And the woman, Debra, who works the beer store speaks English well. They have the best selection of primo ales in the city, and droves of Czech beers, too. Their selection of Kocour beers is well above PK's selection. And their American beer section is by far better than anyone else in town. You can get beers from Flying Dog, Anderson Valley, Founders, and Anchor Steam.

  3. I prefer Zlý Časy to Pivovarský Klub. I am also a fan of U Prince Miroslava and U Sadu. My thoughts on Prague Beer Museum and Jama will be posted later this Autumn here on this blog.