Sunday, December 26, 2010

Metro beer

I have walked past the herna bar at Dejvická metro station in Prague many times. Usually I have been busy trying to get to the airport, so there has been no time to check it out. Herna bars also have a bad reputation in the tourist guide books, and they usually sell beers that do not tempt me like Gambrinus or Staropramen.

The Dejvická herna bar is different. It sells draught beer from the Rychtář brewery. I have earlier tasted Rychtář's Natur, and that was a good experience. Therefore I took the time to enter the herna bar on my last visit to Prague. Inside, the herna bar is like many pubs all over the world. It has wooden tables, TV screens, slot machines and a bar. It is also a bookmaker there, so it is possible to play the Czech pools or have a bet or two while drinking a beer.

I sat down at the bar and ordered a 12° golden lager. The waitress was quick to give me a beer with some carbonation and a large and lasting head. I enjoyed this Rychtář beer. It had grains and malt in the nose, while the taste was malty with a touch of grapes before a hoppy finish. This was a very good lager beer, and it is one to be recommended. I know I will stop for a half litre or two of Rychtář the next time I am at Dejvická metro.

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  1. Haha. I like stoping there for a quick one when I miss the bus...