Saturday, October 24, 2009


Earlier this year I heard a rumour that the Czech lager beer Budweiser Budvar should be available in Norwegian shops in May. In April I found Budvar at a local bar, but until today I have not seen Budvar in Norwegian shops. At an ICA shop they had two 0.33 litre bottles of Budvar, and of course I picked them up.

I would prefer a lower price. 26.90 NOK is nearly 3 GBP or 3 EUR, and it is possible to buy 0.5 litres of other Czech beers in Norwegian supermarkets at the same price or lower. And in the Czech Republic a half litre can costs less than 30 CZK in a supermarket, which is about 10 NOK.

Today I went into a Rema 1000 supermarket, and as always they sold Pilsner Urquell, Bernard and Gambrinus lagers. Bernard is priced at 25.90 NOK for a 0.5 litre bottle, while Gambrinus costs 26.90 NOK.

Pilsner Urquell is only sold in cans at Rema 1000. The price is 28.50 NOK.

With Budvar available in Norwegian shops, it is now possible to buy many different Czech beers in Norway. As I wrote earlier this year, Starobrno pale lager, Staropramen dark lager and Velkopopovický Kozel dark lager are also available in Norway.


  1. Is the Kozel you get in Norway actually brewed in the Czech Republic or does it come from the Russian operation?

  2. According to the label, this is the original Kozel. It says that the beer is brewed in the Czech Republic.