Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thunder, but no cops

On the streets of the Prague borough of Vinohrady you can find many taprooms and restaurants. One of the more interesting ones is Hrom do Police, because this hospoda sells beers from the Policka brewery. Bars and restaurants offering beers from Policka (or Meštanský pivovar v Policce, which is the full name) are rare in Prague.

Hrom do Police is a nice cellar restaurant. The name means thunder on the shelves in Czech, but it can also be translated as an idiom meaning an elephant in a glassware shop. Of course, the name is also a wordplay on the brewery name, Policka.

On my visits earlier this month Hrom do Police offered five golden lager beers and one dark lager. Their strongest lager is a 12° beer called Zavis. There is also a 11° beer called Otakar, and both beers are also available as yeast beers, kvasnicove.

I only had kvasnicove beers at the hospoda, and my favourite of them was Otakar. It is served with a large head. There is a lot of carbonation, and I can feel yeast and hints of strawberry in the nose. The beer is fullbodied. It tastes a little bit sweet, and the strawberry notes are more distinct in the mouth. It is a really good beer, and I went back to try it several times. Actually, it was so good that I did not try the ordinary lager version of it from tap.

The Zavis 12° kvasnicove was also a nice beer, and I have covered it in another post. To sum up: It is an enjoyable beer with hops and yeast notes. In the aftertaste there is much melon. A very drinkable brew, but the Otakar 11° kvasnicove is the better beer according to my palate.

It is also possible to buy bottles of Policka beers to take home from Hrom do Police. Unfortunately, the kvasnicove beers are not available in bottles, but I bought both Zavis and Otakar to try at my hotel. I have lost my tasting notes, but I remember that both beers were very good.

I will return to Hrom do Police. I liked the hospoda, but I was also very fond of the Policka beers. The next time around I will try their 10° pale lager and also do a comparison of the different versions of Otakar and Zavis. Perhaps the ordinary lagers are better than the kvasnicove from tap?

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