Friday, November 13, 2009

Beers and flying horses

If you like beer, it is more or less impossible to be visiting Brno and not take a look inside Pegas. Pegas is both a hotel and a restaurant, but there is also a micro brewery on the premises.

I entered Pegas in the late afternoon, and the place was already packed. There was an available chair at a table, and I asked the couple sitting there if I could sit down.

Well placed in Pegas, I just enjoyed the atmosphere with people enjoying themselves and having fun. I decided to join in on the fun and ordered a pint of Pegas' own svetly lezak, pale lager. Also available was a weizen beer, a dark lager and a strong pale lager called Pegas Gold.

I had decided not to do any tasting notes at Pegas, but just sampling the beers. Well, I did not get very far. The pale lager was so good that I just continued drinking it for the next hours. It was a tasty brew with some carbonation and a large, lasting head. A great beer!

Before I had to head to the Brno railway station again, I felt that I had to try another beer. I decided to try the weizen, as I needed something different than lager. The wheat beer was cloudy and served with a slice of lemon. I felt the lemon slice was unneccessary, but I liked the citrus notes in the beer. But I never found out if the citrus was only from the slice or you could find it in the beer itself.

Pegas was a very nice restaurant, and I enjoyed every moment there. A return to Brno is not in my immediate plans, but if I do I will visit Pegas once again.

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