Thursday, November 5, 2009

Prague odds and ends

After several visits to Prague, there have been some places I have visited that never were worth making a blog post about. And of course there are pubs and bars that I could write about where I did not take any photos or never made tasting notes. Here is a misch-masch of photos and notes about some bars and restaurants I have been to in the Czech capital.

Budvarka is a very nice restaurant with a beer menu based on brews from the Budweiser Budvar brewery. You can find it in Dejvice not far from the Dejvicka metro. I liked visiting Budvarka. The waiters were efficient, and they were quick to serve the beers.

On tap you can find the whole range of Budvar beers. I only tried two of them while visiting Budvarka, and those two were new to me at the time.

First out was the Budvar kvasnicove, which I have written about in another post. On the menu they call this beer Budweiser Budvar kroužkovaný ležák.

I also tried Budvar's dark lager, and that was a very pleasant beer that I really want to taste again.

Not far from Budvarka you can find the Chinese restaurant Chang Jiang. Just like most Chinese restaurants in Prague, Chang Jiang serves a varied and inexpensive lunch menu.

I was there a Saturday and ended having one of their duck courses. It was quite good.

At Chang Jiang they serve Krusovice beer. It is not my favourite beer in the Czech Republic, but it is still a very decent pale lager.

Klasterny Senk is a fantastic restaurant in the Brevnov area of Prague. It is found in the Brevnov monastery and can offer great food and excellent beer, which of course is Klaster. (Klaster means monastery in Czech.) The menu is based on traditional Czech courses, but there are also other possibilities.

I had a nice duck meal at Klasterny Senk, and they were washed down with some half litres of Klaster. This is a place to be recommended!

U Vlka is absolutely not the bar where you bring your date. This 24 hour herna bar in Zizkov consists of gambling machines, some wooden tables, a jukebox and a medium sized bar. The place looks tired, and so do the visitors. According to the website this is the place where people thrown out of other bars in the neighbourhood end up. But there is good and cheap beer here. U Vlka sells well tapped Bernard pale lager beer priced below 20 CZK for a half litre. So perhaps this is a place to visit in the early afternoon for a quick pint while waiting for one of the favourite restaurants or bars around the Seifertova street to open.

Corleone is one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Prague. It is situated next to the Andel metro station and has a nice and varied menu. Myself, I prefer their pizzas, which are very filling. The beer is Staropramen, which goes down surprisingly well although their lagers are not among my favourites.

Near the Charles bridge on the Mala Strana side you can find the Beer Shop (or Galerie Piva in Czech). It has a varied offer of beers. First of all there are many Czech brands, but you can also find some foreign offers. The shop also offers glassware, and I have bought some of my original Czech beer glasses at this shop.


  1. My husband visited Prague a number of years ago. He said while there they often drank out of a shorter beer glass. What size glass would this be? Any ideas?

  2. That would be a small beer, "male pivo". It is usually 0.3 litres.

  3. Thank you! I'm looking to buyt a set for a Christmas gift. Do you happen to know of any good websites that sale male pivo glasses? Thanks again.

  4. Sorry, but I do not know of any Czech beer glass shops that ship abroad. Perhaps some of the readers can help?

  5. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for info on the Brevnov monastery. Although we have lived in Prague for a year, we haven't been there yet. We too enjoy the Budvarka restaurant, and from our rear flat windows we can look into the kitchen of Chang Jiang. Small world!