Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas in Copenhagen

The calendar says December, and it is time for advent. Usually I spend at least one of the December weekends abroad, but this year there is no time for it. Therefore I will take you back two years in time to my pre-Christmas visit to Copenhagen.

Town Hall Square

The Danish capital is one of my favourite places to visit, and I was not disappointed from seeing Copenhagen in December. The place felt like December. Christmas decorations were more or less everywhere, and a chilly wind made an extra plus to the Winter feeling.

Christmas at Tivoli.

I started the day by having a Danish breakfast at one of the many pubs (or kro, as the Danish say). Eggs and bacon were great, and I also hade a draughted Tuborg pale lager to wash it down with. Tuborg tastes the best in Denmark, but these days I prefer other lager beers to it. A nice, little glass of Danish aquavit was also part of my breakfast.

I went the tourist route and walked through Strøget, the main shopping area. There are always something to look at there no matter what season it is.

A great advertisment for Tuborg beer. The text on the sign
means "kissing place". Note the mistletoe!

Here and there you can find stands where you can buy a fast snack. Care for some hot dogs or hot almonds? You can find it somewhere together with beer or some mulled wine.

If you walk from the town hall through Strøget, you end up at Nyhavn. On the harbour front you can find a traditional Christmas market.

Local food, handicraft, beers and more mulled wine are for sale. And there is even more to look at. Or perhaps you want to trek inside and have a beer there. No problem! The area around Nyhavn is full of pubs, bars and restaurants.

But tasting notes? Not this time around. But I hope the pictures give you an idea of Copenhagen in December. A nice place to be, but do not forget to bring a coat!

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