Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More wheat

Erdinger's Dunkel Weissbier has been waiting for me at the local Vinmonopolet outlet for some time. It was time to try it out, so I took home a bottle. Poured into the glass, there was a lot of carbonation, and the beer got an enormous head. The colour was very brown, almost black.

Like the other Erdinger beers I have tried, the nose was really anonymous. This Dunkel had some malts, but otherwise there was nearly no aroma. In the mouth there are some burnt notes together with malt and hints of coffee. The aftertaste is watery. In all this is another boring beer from Erdinger. There is little taste and little to get excited about.

I also had a bottle of Paulaner's hefeweien. This is another cloudy wheat beer, but the head is smaller and there is no carbonation. It has a much more interesting nose with sweetness, yeast and a hint of bread. The bread and yeast are also in the mouth, but the sweetness is balanced by some bitterness. The body is much more solid than the three offerings from Erdinger, and this is the best of the four beer. And one more thing: This is the real thing! A tasty wheatbeer!

I am not sure if it is the best weizen I have tried. I liked the Franziskaner wheat beer I tried from can in Spain earlier this year, but I have not compared it head to head with Paulaner's hefeweizen. And then there is the excellent Primator weizen from the Czech Republic. A great beer as well!

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