Sunday, June 27, 2010

A question of credibility

When the biggest newspaper in Western Norway praised Kafé Spesial for its beers, I knew I had to check out the little restaurant in Bergen. The newspaper article in Bergens Tidende claimed that Kafé Spesial was the best beer place in Bergen.

Kafé Spesial feels a little bit shabby at first sight. The furniture looks old and well used, and the floor could need some paint. The guests are mostly in the early twenties, and it looks like Kafé Spesial is popular among the local students.

But then there was the beer. Kafé Spesial has a very good selection in bottled beers. They are not the best in town, as places like Naboen, Henrik and Kontoret also have a wide range of beer in bottles.

Perhaps the draught beer is what made Bergens Tidende call Kafé Spesial the best beer place in Bergen? Absolutely not! There are only three different beers available on tap at Kafé Spesial: Hansa and Heineken pale lager together with Erdinger weissbier. That is not impressive, as a lot of pubs in Bergen have both more taps and more interesting draught beers to offer.

I decided to have a half litre of Erdinger at Kafé Spesial. It was served in a branded glass with some carbonation and a little head. It is not among my favourite wheat beers, but it took care of my thirst very well.

Kafé Spesial is not the best beer place in Bergen, and the journalists from Bergens Tidende should know that. But perhaps they do not know beers?

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  1. I'm afraid the quality of Norwegian journalism about beer is generally on this level. But I'm surprised no newspaper has really discovered the broad range of quality beer available in Norway now.