Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A beery beer

Quite near the Längenfeldgasse metro station in Vienna you can find the Puntigamer-Stüberl. This little pub sells beer from the Puntigamer brewery in Graz. That was a new brewery to me, so I went inside the pub to taste some Puntigamer draught beer.

On tap Puntigamer Panther was available. I ordered a half litre of the beer and sat down to have a closer look at it. In the glass the Puntigamer beer was a pale lager. There was some carbonation and a medium sized head. The aromas from the beer were of malts and grass. In the mouth this beer had a malty touch with some hops before a lasting, bitter finish.

Puntigamer Panther was another decent Austrian pale lager. The brewery calls it "das bierige Bier", which in English means "the beery beer". There are many beers like it all over Europe, but Puntigamer is not beerier than other beers. This beer will not disappoint as a session beers, but there are better alternatives if you want a pale lager.

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