Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Double Rychtář

Back at Dejvická metro station in Prague, it was time to check out both the Rychtář beers available at the herna bar. The bar opens at 10AM, and I was one of the first guests. None of them had started smoking for the day, so it was a pleasant experience early in the day.

Rychtář's 12° golden lager (right) is a beer that I have tasted earlier at the Dejvická herna bar. It is a pleasant beer grains and malt in the nose and a malty taste before a finish with grapes and hops. Rychtář's 14° golden lager (left) is a stronger beer with a touch of white wine feeling in the mouth. It is a nice and somewhat strong lager with a fuller body, but I prefer the 12° lager. It is both better in taste and much more sessionable.

The Dejvická herna bar is a nice place for a last or first beer in Prague. Both Rychtář beers available are good, but the 12° golden lager is a gem that most travellers to Prague never get to try as they pass this herna bar in a hurry on their way to the airport or the city centre. My recommendation is to use the time at Dejvická to cool down and enjoy a Rychtář beer before heading into town or the airport.

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