Monday, April 11, 2011

Pivovarský Klub once again

Pivovarský Klub was visited on my recent visit to Prague. A beautiful April day I once again took the metro to Florenc before walking the last metres to Pivovarský klub in Křižíkova street. The mission was to check out some of the beers on tap and especially to see if the house beer Štěpán still was not in its best shape.

Pivovarský Klub is a special place for beer lovers. With loads of bottled beers for sale and six draught beers there is always something to choose from. I went for a small glass of Štěpán first. Once again it was a disappointment. The interesting and good tasting beer from last Spring was still as boring as it was on my visit in December. There were nearly no taste nor aromas from it.

On the five other taps I could choose between Herold Weizen, Telčský Zachariáš 14° pale lager, Opat's olive beer, Strakonický Dudák dark lager and another house beer: Jarni Special 14° Märzen.

I chose the dark lager. Strakonický Dudák was nearly black with a nose of coffee. In the mouth it was sweet, and it nearly felt like a malzbier with some coffee in the finish. I liked it, but I feel there are many better dark lagers in the Czech Republic than this. After half a glass I was bored of the beer.

Perhaps I chose the wrong beers from the Pivovarský Klub this time? I felt a little bit disappointed from the visit. Perhaps I should rather have gone to Zlý Časy, U Prince Miroslava or Prague Beer Museum? These pubs have a better selection in draught beers at the moment and could be more interesting for a beer visitor to Prague. But I know will be back to Pivovarský Klub. The excellent service makes up for the beers this time around.

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