Monday, November 21, 2011

Back at Klášterní Pivnice

I usually step inside Klášterní Pivnice when I am in Prague. This neighbourhood pub near Letenske náměstí is a great place to visit. The beers are good, the service is good and the pivnice feels like anything but a tourist pub.

Klášter 11° světlý ležák is the house beer. This golden lager is an excellent beer served with a large, thick head and barely any carbonation. There are nearly no aromas from the beer, but some hops shine through. In the mouth there is grass and grains before a fine finish with more hops. This is a lovely lager that I really enjoy.

Klášterní Pivnice is a pub with a rotating tap. Therefore you will find more draught beers than Klášter available. The pub also has a decent selection of bottled beers from many Czech breweries. At this visit Podkováň světlý ležák was available from tap, so I chose that lager beer. In the glass Podkováň 12° golden lager had nearly no carbonation and a large head. I felt malts and grass in the nose. In the mouth there was malts before a malty and partly hoppy finish. Another fine beer!

I really like going to Klášterní Pivnice. The pub is excellent, and the beers are great. Unfortunately this is a very smoky pub, so I have not been able to stay inside for long. Except for that, this is a recommended taproom in Prague.