Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Krušovice experience

Back in Prague, I ended up at the Zličín metro station. Near the entrance the little Bar Zličín can be found. It is a small, smoky taproom that will never win any awards. But it has a friendly barman and loads of draught beer from the Krušovice brewery.

I started out with Krušovice's 10° pale lager. It is still a pretty average beer with nearly no aromas. In the mouth there was some malts and grass before a partly bitter finish with a touch of hops.

Then it was time for Krušovice 11° pale lager. This was a better and tastier beer. The taste profile was very alike the 10° beer, but this beer had a more bitter feeling.

Krušovice is not among the more interesting breweries in the Czech Republic, but the 11° pale lager is a decent beer. I would rather have other Czech beers, but if you want a beer at Zličín a visit to Bar Zličín for a half litre of Krušovice is a nice move. There are worse ways of spending waiting time before taking the metro into the city centre of Prague or the bus to Prague airport.

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