Monday, November 14, 2011

Unfiltered Urquell time

Pilsner Urquell is the original pilsner beer. This bottom fermented beer has been brewed since 1842 in Plzeň. In addition to the ordinary golden lager, Pilsner Urquell also produces an unfiltered version of the beer. It is usually only available at the Šenk Na Parkánu restaurant in Plzeň. I was therefore happy to see during my recent Prague visit that Pilsner Urquell had a campaign offering Pilsner Urquell nefiltrované at selected pubs all over the Czech Republic.

I had several opportunities trying the unfiltered Pilsner Urquell, and every time I thoroughly enjoyed it. The ordinary Pilsner Urquell is one of my favourite lager beers, and it was even better in the unfiltered version. At my visit to the U Bansethů pub I was given a somewhat cloudy beer with a large head and nearly no carbonation. In the nose I felt a solid dose of Saaz hops. The hoppy taste is also there in the mouth with a flowery touch and some strawberry in the finish. This is no less than a stellar lager beer, and together with the 12° Kout na Šumavě golden lager it is the best lager beer I have ever tried. If you can find it, drink it!

On my next visit to the Czech Republic I will have a day trip to Plzeň. Of course Šenk Na Parkánu needs to be visited to have more of Pilsner Urquell nefiltrované, but there are also other places to enjoy excellent beers in the Bohemian city.

PS: Pivní Filosof has an interesting post today about the legends around the birth of Pilsner Urquell. It is a recommended read!

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