Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back at Copenhagen's Brewpub

July takes me back to Copenhagen. I have a few hours to spend before I move on, and I choose to use them on something beer related. Nørrebro Bryghus is closed, and some Danish friends tell me that Bryggeriet Apollo is not the best beer place in town. In retrospect I should have taken the trip to the Mikkeller bar or Kihoskh, but instead I ended up at Brewpub.

Brewpub is not a bad choice if you go to Copenhagen. The pub brews its own beers, and at my visit eight draught beers of various beer styles were available.

I had a visit to Brewpub last December, and I had a great time then. This time the cellar bar was closed, so I had to sit down in the backyard. That was great, as the weather was warm. I used some time to choose which beer to drink.

The warm weather chose in a way the beer for me. I needed an IPA!

Brewpub's Atlantic IPA was a cloudy, brown beer. In the glass it had some carbonation and a medium sized head. I felt some grapefruit and grass in the nose. The beer had a delicious taste with some grapefruit and apples before a partly bitter finish with oranges. Lovely!

I did not feel that it was a shame to have visited Brewpub after tasting the excellent Atlantic IPA. Brewpub is to be recommended for Copenhagen tourists.

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