Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back at Naboen

As I was walking the streets of Bergen again, it was beer o'clock. I decided once again to enter one of Bergen's best places for beer, Naboen.

On the street level Naboen is a nice restaurant with Swedish food, while the cellar is a charming pub. Food from the restaurant menu can also be ordered in the cellar pub, but mainly this is a beer joint.

Aass delivers the pale lager, while draught beers from Kinn, Ægir, Nøgne Ø and Haandbryggeriet are always available together with loads of bottled beers. There are also two house beers. The Bavarian styled Naboen's Bayer is brewed by an undisclosed brewery. It is a bit silly by the bartenders talking about the secret brewery all the time and not telling who is brewing the beer. Some of the rumours say Aass brewery, but there are also people gossiping that Naboen's Bayer is brewed at Hansa in Bergen. Taste the beer and find out for yourself!

The other house beer is Naboen's Bitter, which is brewed by Kinn brewery in Florø. Naboen's Bitter was a new beer for me. It was a brownish beer with a small head and some carbonation. In the nose I felt yeast and toffee, while the beer tasted of toffee and a touch of grass before a partly bitter finish. I liked this bitter, which is a fine example of this British beer style.

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