Saturday, August 13, 2011

Drinking local beer in Malmö

There is no fuss getting from Copenhagen to Malmö. Trains from Copenhagen's central station leave several times every hour, and the trip takes about half an hour.

My visit in Malmö was short, but I had time for a beer. I had been recommended the pub Bishops Arms close to the Gustav Adolfs Torg square by fellow beer blogger Have Beer Will Travel in this post. I entered the pub and was very impressed by the draught beer selection. I counted 32 taps with several interesting ales, lagers and triples, and in addition to this a lot of bottled beers were available.

Among all the great draught beers, there was also a beer brewed in Malmö. The local Malmö Brygghus brewpub is based on the other side of the town, but at Bishop Arms there is supposed to be a Malmö Brygghus beer available on tap at all times.

Malmö Brygghus' Ribban Sommer Öl was described by the friendly waitress as a pale ale. In the glass it was a brownish beer with very little carbonation and a large head. In the nose I felt caramel and nuts. The beer had a fruity taste, and I felt both oranges and mandarins before semibitter finish. This was a lovely beer.

LinkAnother glass of Ribban Sommer Öl was what I should have ordered. Instead I paid my bill and left the nice Bishops Arms pub. A plane was waiting for me at Kastrup airport.

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