Friday, December 9, 2011

Rakfisk and Christmas

Berentsens and Atna are two of the smaller Norwegian breweries. I have not been very fond of the Atna beers I have tasted so far, and beers from Berentsens are new acquaintances for me.

I started out with a Christmas special from Berentsens. Berentsens Jule Avec is a black beer with 9% alcohol. In the glass it has some carbonation and a medium sized head. In the nose I feel coffee and roasted nuts. The beer tastes of coffee, dark chocolate and some tobacco. This was a really good beer, and it is one of the best Christmas beer I have tasted this season.

In a Norwegian newspaper Atna's Øl til rakfisk was reviewed together with the ordinary Christmas beers. This is a beer brewed to be eaten with rakfisk, which is a Norwegian fish speciality. This is a cloudy beer with loads of carbonation. In the nose I felt yeast and pine. The beer had a watery taste with some yeast. The finish had a pinch of caramel and cold coffee. Unfortunately this was another boring beer from Atna.

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