Saturday, December 24, 2011

Time for Březňák and Zlatopramen

When I am in Prague, I usually stay at a hotel in the Žižkov neighbourhood. The rates are usually very good, and there are several nice hotels in the area. It is also easy to get into the city centre by tram or bus. In addition to this, there are several great pubs and taprooms nearby. It is great staying in walking distance from beer temples like U Slovanské Lípy, U Sadu or Království.

In Štítného street there is a fine little pub specializing in beers from the Zlatopramen brewery. Unfortunately, U Tomáše Štítného was out of Zlatopramen the December day I was there, but that was no problem. The pub also had draught beers from the Březňák and Krušovice breweries.

Březňák pale lager is a fine beer, and I have been drinking it now and then from 2 litre PET bottles that are great to take home from the Czech Republic. As a draught beer, Březňák was a new experience. The golden beer had some carbonation and a medium sized head. I felt grass and malts in the nose, while the grass was assertive in the mouth. The finish was a little bit watery with some caramel. I liked this beer, and I feel that it would be a wonderful session beer.

My short visit to the U Tomáše Štítného pub was over, but back at the hotel I treated myself to a bottle of 11° Zlatopramen. The golden lager had some carbonation and a large head in the glass. In the nose I felt flowers and grass, and the taste was very alike to the aroma. The finish had a hoppy touch, but there was also a hint of cardboard. Zlatopramen is another great Czech lager, and on my next visit to Prague I will be back at U Tomáše Štítného to try it as a draught beer.


  1. At this place they used to have the very good beers from Únětický on tap, a great new micro located just outside Prague.

  2. There were unfortunately no beers from Únětický Pivovar when I visited U Tomáše Štítného. Neither was it available when I was at U Prince Miroslava during the same week.

    According to Pivní Filosof there are fortunately several places in Prague selling this beer. And it is supposed to be very good. Pivní Filosof believes that Únětická 12º golden lager is the best beer in the Czech Republic this year:

    Here are two posts from Pivní Filosof's visits to the brewery in Únětice:

  3. By the way: On the brewery website I found this list of pubs and restaurants selling beers from Únětický Pivovar: