Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A taste of Kout na Šumavě

I am not the only one who has commented that Kout na Šumavě's lagers are among the top of the crop. The American beer writer Evan Rail has even said that the brewery's 12° golden lager might be one of the best lager beers in the world. I like that beer quite a lot and have spent several evenings in Prague drinking it both in filtered and unfiltered versions at U Slovanské Lípy in Žižkov.

But it is possible to drink the Kout na Šumavě 12° golden lager also in the city centre of Prague. The café Kávovarna at Pasáž Lucerna just off Wenceslas Square has the filtered beer on tap. I wandered into Kávovarna to have a half litre of the wonderful beer. On my way I enjoyed David Černý's statue inside the little mall. It shows St. Wenceslas riding an upside-down horse.

Inside the café I sat down at a table overlooking the bar and ordered a Kout na Šumavě lager. While waiting for the cute waitress to tap my beer, I enjoyed listening to the classical music from the loudspeakers. Kávovarna was a great place to just enjoy life. I found my book and had a wonderful time.

The beer arrived, and I felt the joyous aromas of flowers and grass from the golden lager. There was nearly no carbonation and the beer had a large head. The delicious beer was full bodied and a fabulous combination of grass, flowers and yeast before a fine, hoppy bite in the finish was a treat. I really like this beer!

Kávovarna in Pasáž Lucerna is a more expensive place to drink Kout na Šumavě beers than U Slovanské Lípy. I paid 50 CZK for my half litre of beer. In Žižkov you pay 35 CZK. Still, I enjoyed the atmosphere of Kávovarna, and compared to the local beer prices in Norway 50 CZK is quite a bargain.

UPDATE 5 APRIL 2012: I have been contacted by the management of Kávovarna. The price I quote in my post is wrong. According to the menu, a half litre of Kout na Šumavě golden lager costs 37 CZK at Kávovarna. I am sorry for the mistake.

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