Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Black delight

Schwarzbier is one of Germany's traditional beers. One of the most traditional Schwarzbiere is made by the Köstritzer brewery in Thuringia. It is a beer that has been brewed by the brewery based in Bad Köstritz since 1543. During the cold war, Schwarzbier was even more popular than pale lagers in East Germany, and the beer style is still very popular among Germans.

In the glass, the Köstritzer Schwarzbier is black with a small head and some carbonation. I feel some coffee aromas, but in the mouth cold coffee meets some sweetness and malts before a nice, crisp finish. I liked this black beer a lot, and it is a beer to be recommended.


  1. I agree, a very good schwarzbier.

  2. Yes, a very good beer. Norwegian beer lovers ought to check out Vinmonopolet. I have seen that Köstritzer Schwarzbier now is available in bottles at selected outlets!