Saturday, February 18, 2012

Two Czechs

There are so many Czech breweries. There is no doubt that tourists will feel a bit confused over all the brand names in the market.

Radegast is one of the bigger beer companies in the Czech Republic. The Radegast pale lager can be enjoyed aboard the Czech airlines flights, but you will also find it in supermarkets. I drank the beer from can. In the nose I felt grass, while grass and hops had a dance in the finish. It was a nice beer that felt better than expected.

The Pilsner Urquell brewery extended its product line with the Master beers a few years ago. One of them is the polotmave, or half dark beer. That was a disappointing beer. I drank it from bottle, and there were nearly no aromas. The beer had a metallic taste with some toffee and malts present. It was extremely boring, and I believe that my bottle had a bad beer sample. I will know the next time Master is to be tasted.


  1. When I have tried the Master polotmave draught beer in Prague I have liked it very much.

  2. I choose to believe that there was something wrong with the beer in my bottle. The Master beers have been given many positive reviews. I will know for sure later this year!