Monday, February 6, 2012

A visit to Brauhaus Mitte

Just across the street from the TV tower at Alexanderplatz, you can find one of Berlin's brewpubs. Brauhaus Mitte is based in a mall, but it has its own entrance on a street corner.

I walked the stairs into the large brewpub. I sat down at one of the tables and was given a menu by a friendly waitress. At that moment I was not hungry, so I scanned the beer menu. There were four beers available that were brewed on the premises. I ordered a taster glass of every beer and decided to buy a half liter afterwards of the beer I liked the most.

First out was the Pils. It was a pale lager with a small head and nearly no carbonation. In the nose I felt grass, and the grass was joined by some malts in the mouth. The finish had some caramel and a pinch of bitterness. I liked it!

Then it was time for the Dunkel. The copper coloured beer also had a small head and barely any carbonation. This beer had an intense aroma of coffee. In the mouth there was a fine combination of coffee and some hoppy bitterness. This was an even better beer.

The Hefeweizen was a cloudy beer without carbonation. In the nose I felt banana and some sweetness. The banana was assertive in the mouth with some spices I could not pinpoint before a sweet finish. This was another good wheat beer.

Last out was the Zwickel. This was also a cloudy beer with a nearly brownish colour. There was no carbonation, and the beer had a small head. I felt caramel and yeast in the nose and was not surprised when the beer tasted the same. This was a nice beer that actually reminded me of Old Speckeled Hen from bottle.

The best of the four beers was the Dunkel, in my opinion. I ordered another glass of it and enjoyed the atmosphere. The brewpub was not exactly crowded, and the heimat music was a touch that gave the place an extra German feeling. It was also interesting watching the S-Bahn trains travelling on the railway bridge not far from the pub.

Refreshed, I went into the Berlin dusk. In the semi darkness the TV tower was suddenly even more impressive!


  1. If you are still in Berlin and if you really care about good beer this is where you should go:

    1) Weinkultur Biershop, Kirchstrasse 23, Moabit
    2) Rollberger Privatbrauerei, Am Sudhaus 3, Neukölln
    3) Brewbaker, Arminiusstrasse 2 - 4, Moabit
    4) Hausbrauerei Hops&Barley, Wühlischstraße 22-23, Friederichshain

  2. Thanks, Anonymous! Your recommendations are noted, and I will check out as many as possible of these pubs on my next visit to Berlin. During my visit to Brauhaus Mitte, I was recommended by another to go to the nearby Marcus Bräu brewpub. How do you feel about that place?