Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More from Lervig

After tasting one of Lervig's pale lagers at a hotel bar in Stavanger, it was time to move on to bottled beers. Lervig has several beers in its line-up, and I decided to try out some of them. First out was Lucky Jack. Lucky Jack is an American Pale Ale, and it has a beautiful label. Like many of Lervig's other beers, the bottles have beer labels inspired by labels from old sardine wrappings. Once Stavanger was the sardine capital of Norway, and this is a way of commemorating that period of time.

In the glass Lucky Jack was a cloudy, nearly copper coloured beer. It had a large head and some carbonation. I felt hops and grapefruit in the nose, while grapefruit and toffee had a dance in the mouth before a finish with a watery feeling. This was a delicious beer that I enjoyed, but I would have preferred a more hoppy touch in the finish.

Then I bought a bottle of Lervig's Norwegian wheat beer, White Dog. This was a cloudy, nearly pale beer. It had some carbonation, but a small head. In the nose I felt some Belgian yeast and some spices I could not pinpoint. I tasted grass, spices and hints of toffee. The finish was watery with some toffee. This beer was nice, but I would prefer Hoegaarden if both beers were available at the same time.

It was closing time, so it was time to move on. But there were more Lervig beers waiting for me.

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