Sunday, July 3, 2011

Arlanda beer hunt

My plane from Arlanda was late, and there would be at least an extra hour for me at Stockholm's airport. I had checked some of the beer possibilities in Terminal 2, and I had tried two half litres of pale lager at the terminal's bars. Sure, I could have some other beer I had not tasted earlier from bottle, but I wanted to check out some other part of the airport to see if I could find some exciting draught beers.

First I went into the tax free shop at Terminal 2. The beer selection there was boring. I could have Carlsberg or Tuborg. No Swedish beer brands were available, and this being Sweden's largest airport it could have been a fantastic place to sell the best Swedish beers to take home for a tourist.

No such luck. I left Terminal 2 to see what to find elsewhere. Walking towards the other terminals, I saw a sign showing the way to SkyCity. SkyCity is Arlanda's mall with shops, bars and restaurants. That would be the right place to look.

SkyCity had a facinating architecture. It was a building where space age fancy decour took the lead. It was not a welcoming place, and I did not feel at home. Free wifi was available, though, and that was a plus.

There were several bars and restaurants upstairs at Sky City. I chose one of the first I saw, New Orleans Bistro & Bar.

New Orleans Bistro & Bar had a nice selection of bottled beers, but from draught Brooklyn Lager was the most interesting beer compared to Kronenbourg 1664 and Carlsberg Export. I had to have a taste of the American beer, and I went for the largest glass: 0.75 litres.

In the glass Brooklyn Lager was a nearly browninsh beer with some carbonation and a small head. The beer had a nice aroma with caramel leading on with a tiny touch of grass. In the mouth caramel and citrus tastes danced along before a semi bitter finish with some toffee. This was a lovely beer, and i enjoyed it very much. It gave the Stockholm stopover and flight delay a nice finish.

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