Friday, July 15, 2011

A devil and a wheat beer

Mack Hveteøl is a new wheat beer from the brewery who claims to be the most northern brewery in the world. In Norway it is only available at selected Vinmonopolet outlets. The beer is cloudy with some carbonation and a medium sized head. In the nose there is banana, and I feel banana in the mouth before a fruit cocktail with a touch of vodka leads on to a watery finish. This was a nice effort from Mack, but I felt it had a much too fruity taste than what I expected from a wheat beer.

Kinn Bøvelen is the micro brewery's take on a Belgian triple. Bøvelen means the devil in the local West-Norwegian dialect. The beer has a cloudy, coppery colour. There is some carbonation, but the beer builds a large head. In the nose I feel yeast and fruit. The taste is very fruity with plums and prunes taking the lead with some yeast in the background. The feels nice for a while, but in the end it becomes too sweet for me. Kinn has better beers, and if you can find the Vestkyst IPA it is well worth to be tasted.

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