Saturday, July 23, 2011

Convent beers and more

The Swedish island of Gotland is east of the mainland. It has a brewery, Gotland bryggeri, which has several beers on the market. One of them is Wisby klosteröl, a monastery beer.

In the glass this is a nearly amber beer with some carbonation and a medium sized head. I feel aromas of grapefruit, and in the mouth there is some very bitter grapefruit and a touch of apples. The finish is very disappointing, as the tastes more or less disappear.

Franziskaner is one of the better known German wheat beers. The Franziskaner weizen is a cloudy beer with some carbonation. In the nose there is sweetness and banana, while in the mouth there is banana, grass, chewing gum and a touch of bread. This is a lovely wheat beer, and it is one of the best I have tasted.

Nils Oscar is also a Swedish brewery. They have a Kalasöl, which is an interpretation of a German Märzen or Festbier. The beer is brownish with some carbonation and a small head. I feel some caramel and citrus in the nose. In the mouth I feel toffee and malts before a finish with some coffee.

Zlatý Bažant is a brewery owned by Heineken. The name means Golden Pheasant. It is based in Slovakia, and I have found their lagers also in supermarkets in the Czech Republic. This looks like a typical Czech pale lager with some carbonation. In the glass it builds a small head. I feel grass and malts in the nose, while the beer tastes of grass and some caramel before a hoppy finish. This is a nice lager, but the better Czech lagers are more interesting than Zlatý Bažant.

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