Thursday, July 28, 2011

Special ales for Sweden

There are not only 3.5% lagers that are available in Swedish supermarket shelves. Also various ales can be found, and these exist in special lower alcohol versions only available in Sweden. The ordinary beers are found at the state owned Systembolaget outlets.

Wychwood's Hobgoblin is an English ale. In Swedish supermarkets it is found as a beer with 3.5% alcohol. There is nearly no carbonation, and the brownish beer builds a large head. In the nose there is sweetness and caramel, while the beer itself tastes sweet with fruity tones and a touch of toffee. The finish is unfortunately a bit sweeter than what I hoped, but in all Hobgoblin 3.5% is a fine ale.

Brakspear is another English brewery. In a Swedish supermarket I found Brakspear Double Dropped Bitter. This is an amber beer with as good as no head nor carbonation. In the nose there is hops and some fruit. The beer tastes apple, sweetness and some hops before a bitter finish. This is another fine ale, and it has 3.4% alcohol.

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