Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stopover in Stockholm

On my way home, I had to have a stopover at Stockholm's airport Arlanda. Arlanda is a big airport, and it is among the largest ones in Scandinavia. The airport has four terminals, and a lot of passengers travel through the airport every day.

I started out at Terminal 2. There I chose to sit down at the East And West bar and restaurant. The bar offered Småland lager as a draught beer, and that was very tempting. I liked the beer a lot when I tasted it from can last year. Unfortunately, the beer was only available in bottles, but I went for it.

The beer had some carbonation and a medium sized head. In the nose I felt toffee, grass and a touch of grapes. In the mouth some caramel, malts and biscuit were present. It was a nice beer, but unfortunately there was a metallic touch in the aftertaste. Still I liked it a lot!

I also tried a bar upstairs at terminal 2. Etage bar and restaurant had a large seating area, but I chose to sit at the bar.

There were several beers to choose from. The popular beer among the other guests at my visit was the Swedish lager Eriksberg from bottles.

As usual I prefer drinking draught beer at bars, and I could choose from three beers: Carlsberg Hof, Carlsberg Export and Staropramen. I am not a fan of the Czech brewery's pale lagers, so I went for Carlsberg Hof.

Carlsberg Hof is the traditional pale lager from the Danish brewery giant. In the glass there was some carbonation and nearly no head. In the nose there was grass and malts. The beer had not much taste, but I felt some malts and a touch of yeast in the finish. Carlsberg Hof is a nice thirst quencher, but I prefer other pale lagers.

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